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Select episodes, from The Objective Lens podcast, that offer advice on how to manage common stressors in the medical laboratory.

In this episode, we take a look at workplace stress within the context of medical laboratories. We talk to a doctor specializing in stress management and give you some strategies for managing your own stress. We also look at what employers and managers can do to create healthier workplaces. We also speak with one LifeLabs manager about what he is doing to facilitate better communication within his team and how that helps alleviate conflict and stress.

PPE can’t protect us from the way we treat each other. In this episode, we will look at bullying in the workplace. We talk with experts to get a better understanding of how this issue is affecting health care professionals and why hospitals can be a breeding ground for bullying. We also take a look at one program that is doing its best to combat bullying.

This episode is the second part of our two-part discussion on bullying in the workplace. In this week’s episode we look at how to know if you are being bullied, delve into the complaint process and explore how improving workplace culture can curtail bullying. We hear more advice from union representatives and speak with an employment lawyer on the legalities of this issue. We will also look at the duty of a witness when you see a colleague being bullied.

Have you ever called in sick to work with a cold, when in reality you needed a mental health day? In this episode, we discuss the importance of having open dialogue about mental health issues. CSMLS Researcher Laura Zychla reports on the research she conducted with medical lab professionals. We also discuss the CSMLS Mental Health Toolkit and other strategies to help deal with workplace stress that can impact your mental health.

The game of baseball and the medical laboratory have more in common than you may think. They both need to communicate strategically with all members on their team to ensure they get the job done. In this episode, we talk with lab professionals and a communications expert to learn how MLTs and MLAs can proactively improve patient care by understanding and implementing clear, respectful intraprofession communication strategies in their day-to-day interactions.

Are you new to the profession and thinking of working alone? Or are you contemplating accepting a job offer where you would have to work on call or at night, where other lab professionals are nowhere in sight? In this episode, we will help you navigate working solo. We also share the lived experience of two CSMLS members who are lone lab rangers during their shifts.


Handpicked articles, from various CSMLS resources, to guide you through difficult workplace situations.

Retour au travail

Lorsqu’un employé a une blessure ou une maladie nécessitant un congé prolongé de son emploi, des changements mineurs et même complexes influenceront la vie du travailleur et celle de ses collègues, membres de la famille et amis.

Êtes-vous victime d’intimidation au travail?

Au cours des dernières années, l’intimidation en milieu de travail est devenue un sujet important dans le domaine de l’hygiène et sécurité au travail.


Watch these videos to learn from others who have enhanced their mental well-being both personally and professionally.